Flow Through Heaters

Flow Through Heaters consist of a channel brazed to the surface of a high power, thick film heater.  Liquid is pumped through the channel, taking it quickly across the full element surface, optimising the energy transfer.  This provides instantaneous, precise and efficient, liquid heating.

Our Flow through heaters can deliver boiling water, steam or super heated steam.
Being so fast, there is no need for standby time or warm up time, like with a thermal block, so improving energy efficiency of your application.

Features and Benefits

Instant Hot Water

Water is heated precisely to the requested temperature in mere moments! Maybe 100°C, 93°C, 60°C. Its up to you.

Energy Savings

Elimination of warm up time or standby heating offers significant energy savings over the life of the appliance.

Responsive temperature selection

Dispensed water temperature can be set to different levels for each cup, even when the cups are filled in quick succession.

Steam generation

Using the EFAST feature, instant steam and even super heated steam can be generated in a controlled manner.

Electronic volume measurement

As the heater is efficient, the software can accurately calculate the volume dispensed from the power in and the temperature rise.

Compact design

Flow through heaters offer significant space savings vs thermal blocks, as they run relatively cool so take up less space to install.

Standard Components

Ferro Techniek Flow Through Heater MK2 inline fluid heater

Flow Through Heater 2

FTH 2 is an ultra fast, high pressure, flow through heater based on a thick film heating element.

Water runs at high speed along a channel over the heater surface. This optimises the heat transfer, resulting in hot water in just seconds. FTH 2 delivers water up to boiling temperature and can also create steam! The heater will vastly improve the sustainability of your application.

Flow Through Heater 4

FTH 4 is the most compact & simple version of the flow through heater range.
Ultra fast and efficient, delivering water from cold to boiling in seconds.

The FTH 4 provides a more economical way to improve the sustainability of your application.

Ferro Techniek Flow Through Heater XL inline heater

Flow Through Heater XL

The FTH XL is the scaled up version of the FTH Ⅱ with a maximum power of 3400W.

The FTH XL is able to handle high flow rates with a low back pressure since its channel size is twice as large as the FTH Ⅱ. This results in a good flow of  hot water in  seconds. Energy efficiency is key because you just heat what you need!.

Max Power Flow Rate @ 95°C Dimensions Steam
FTH 2 2.3kW 7 ml/s 90mm YES
FTH 4 1.5kW 5 ml/s 84 x 84mm NO
FTH XL 3.4kW 11ml/s 110mm NO

FTH construction includes:
Max operating pressure 20Bar
NTC water sensing & thermal safety protection

Construction Overview

Construction Overview

Our Flow Through Heaters combine a Thick Film element with a channel plate to circulate liquid over the element surface.

This robust construction allows for high pressures. An NTC at the water outlet measures the temperature, and is used to control the power or the pump.

Channel Plate

The channel plate is joined to the steel element substrate, which gives it strength  to cope with high pressure (maximum 20 bar operating, min 40 bar burst).

The stainless steel construction meets food safety standards.

Temperature Sensing

Our standard Flow Through Heaters incorporate EFAST technology for overheat protection, and an outlet NTC for temperature sensing & control.

The NTC is passed through the channel plate to directly measure the temperature of the liquid.

Steam Capable

High pressure construction combined with EFAST allows for our Flow Through Heaters to also produce steam, even super heated.

Environmental & Efficiency Benefits

Flow Though Heater MK2 on mossy bed


Our Flow Through Heaters offer significant environmental and efficiency benefits, drawing from the core attributes of Thick Film Technology.

By reducing element mass, and eliminating standby operation, wasted energy is cut to an absolute minimum. In addition, the entire lifecycle of the product, including its manufacture, is more environmentally friendly than competing options.

Illuminated power switch close up

No Standby

With the flow through heater, there is no waiting for the heater to warm up or necessity to keep the heater hot in “standby mode”.  There is no need to have a boiler full of hot water.  The flow through heater instantaneously heats just the water that is required, giving significant saving energy and makes the appliance highly efficient/green.

Fossilized element plate

Total Life Impact

TNO an independent Dutch organisation compared the environmental impact of a FTH vs the theoretical minimum, a boiler and a thermal block.  They did this from cradle to grave including service life of making 10K cups of hot water.

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