Release of the Flow Through Heater XL

Following the success of the Flow Through Heater MKII Ferro Techniek has launched the FTH XL. This new Flow Through Heater that is also based on thick film technology has a max power of 3400W at 230V. The FTH XL is an instant heater that is able to handle high flow rates at a low back pressure because of its bigger channel size. Energy efficiency is key. There is strong interest from pharmaceutical companies, vending machine manufacturers and the medical device industry. All materials are FDA compliant!

Inspiration & Innovation Award High Tech Platform

At the second annual Congress of High Tech Platform, the networking platform for the Dutch manufacturing industry, Ferro Techniek has gained another award with the Flow Through heater mkII. During this event three candidates had to pitch their innovation and the audience was asked to vote for the winner. Ferro Techniek finally turned out to be the winner of Inspiration and Innovation Award 2015. Key note speaker Willem Vermeend, former Secretary of State quoted: “ great innovation, great pitch.”

Innovation Award

During a four day innovation festival Ferro Techniek won both the jury and audience prizes. We received plenty of applause for The Flow Through Heater mkII, which was the winning contest entry. Quote of the jury: “The FTH Ⅱ fits perfectly in current times as It is a fast and sustainable product….”

The Region “Achterhoek” where Ferro Techniek is located is known as a center of manufacturing and innovation power. For the coming year Ferro Techniiek may call themselves “Top Ambassador of the Achterhoek”.