Professional Catering

Ferro Techniek BV is a leading global manufacturer of thick film heating and offer a wide variety of products and
technologies for professional catering applications.
The products for the professional market range from heating elements to full sub-assemblies with temperature control devices.


Ferro Techniek provides Thick Film products for various professional catering applications.
Below are some of the most common:

Example domestic consumer table top coffee machine

Tabletop Coffee Machines

Ferro Techniek Flow Through Heater provides instant hot water & steam for making coffee & frothing milk.  There is no need for standby mode or a tank of hot water.  You just instantly heat what you need, and save energy costs.


Example hot beverage and coffee vending machine

Beverage Vending

Ferro Techniek Flow Through Heater saves on running costs by providing instant hot water without warm up time or storing energy as necessary with a thermal block or a boiler.  Each beverage can be served at a different temperature for speciality teas, coffee and chocolate.


Example hot water dispenser unit

Hot Water Dispensers

Ferro Techniek Flow Through Heater saves on running costs by providing hot water instantly its needed, without a hot water tank, that takes space, deteriorates the taste of the water & gradually loses heat/energy = higher running cost.


Example industrial steam cleaner appliance

Steam Cleaning

Ferro Techniek heating technology will provide a controlled flow of steam.  Rapid start and stop when you need it, at the desired rate. There are standard packages, which are either a boiler or the flow through heater.  Custom designs are possible to fit into smaller spaces or with different flow rate & power requirements.


Example teppanyaki grill plate

Grill Plates

Ferro Techniek Contact Heating elements are bolted to the underside of a stainless steel plate, giving a very evenly heated & responsive cooking surface.  Due to the distribution of the heater tracks, the stainless steel can be thinner, hence heat and cool faster, plus can heat right to the edges or be used to set different temperature zones.


Example professional catering steam oven

Steam Ovens

Ferro Techniek heating technology will provide a controlled flow of steam.  Rapid start and stop when you need it, at the desired rate. Ferro standard package is the horizontal boiler.  Custom designs are possible to give different flow rates.


Our Custom Project Capabilities

Customers often come to us with an idea about a new project / solution and a need for our expertise. We are more than happy to
share our facilities, experience and expertise at this initial stage. The earlier we are involved in a project, the more we can aid the
optimization of core issues such as the choice of materials, components and technology, temperature control, energy consumption
and sustainability, cost efficiency and compliance with all applicable norms and regulations.

Separated thick film element layers

Ferro Techniek engineers listen to a customer’s particular requirements and will design and develop a custom element.  This might be to suit size requirements or power supply & limitations.  Some need precise control.  There are many different reasons.

Ferro Techniek Flow Through Heater MK2 inline fluid heater

Every thick film element needs reliable electrical connections.  Some need sensors and a thermal fuse.  Ferro Techniek alongside Otter Controls will design and build these into an assembly which makes it an easier package for installing into the appliance.

Example domestic consumer table top coffee machine

With many years of experience of applying thick film heating to different situations, Ferro Techniek has a strong team to assist customers.  Having worked closely with every customer to date, we understand our technology in other products and meeting international standards.

Relevant Standard Products

Ferro Techniek has various standard/off the shelf components which can be easily integrated into an application,
with minimal engineering work.

Ferro Techniek Flow Through Heater MK2 inline fluid heater

FTH Ⅱ is an ultra fast, high pressure, flow through heater based on a thick film heating element.

Water runs at high speed along a channel over the heater surface. This optimises the heat transfer, resulting in hot water in just seconds. FTH Ⅱ delivers water up to boiling temperature and can also create steam! The heater will vastly improve the sustainability of your application.

Ferro Techniek Flow Through Heater XL inline heater

The FTH XL is the scaled up version of the FTH Ⅱ with a maximum power of 3400W.

The FTH XL is able to handle high flow rates with a low back pressure since its channel size is twice as large as the FTH Ⅱ. This results in a good flow of  hot water in  seconds. Energy efficiency is key because you just heat what you need!.

Ferro Techniek Contact Heating Element CHE

Contact Heating Elements are bolted directly to an object to be heated with a graphite sheet, thermal interface.
Their construction allows multiple CHEs to be tiled together, evenly heating a large surface area.

Ferro Techniek Horizontal circular steamer module

Thick Film Heating technology is ideal for the rapid start, stop and control of steam.
Our Thick Film Steamers leverage these advantages in an easy to integrate package.

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