“Just Heat What You Need”

The Netherlands, like many countries, has adopted a more sustainable approach and a green agenda.  This demands ethical behaviour in dealings with one another and the pursuit of zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Ferro Techniek fully embraces this philosophy and is focused upon “just heat what you need”.  Not heat extra mass, no stand by time, no storage tank of hot water.  Just fast & efficient heating of what you need.

Modern Kettle chopped in half to reveal components

Efficient Element Replacement

In many applications the lower mass of a Ferro heating element can save energy. For example in an electric kettle, it will typically have warmed up & started heating the water 15 seconds fasters than a conventional heating element. So 15 seconds less, “on” time.

Ferro Techniek Flow Through Heater MK2 inline fluid heater

Elimination of Standby waste

No need for a standby mode which wastes energy, to save time. The Ferro heating element, within a couple of seconds from switching on, gets from room ambient to working temperature, saving energy without frustrating the end user.

Heat Exchangers

Ferro Techniek has a long history of protecting the environment. They play a large part in preventing acid rain from coal fired power stations. The heat exchangers that condense the sulphuric acid out of the exhaust gases, are protected by Ferro Techniek’s specially developed enamel.

TNO Life Cycle Analysis

An independent company compared the energy & resources used by a Ferro Techniek flow through heater to make 10,000 cups of hot water, such as for coffee. This was compared with the traditional methods of a boiler, a thermal block and the theoretical minimum possible to carry out this task.