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Automotive / Electric Vehicles

Ferro Techniek BV is the leading global manufacturer of thick film heating and offers a wide variety of products and
technologies for the Automotive sector, especially EV’s.
Electric vehicles have new heating requirements which benefit from Thick Film technology’s advantages, such as its low weight and high power density.

Battery Heating

At low temperatures the performance of lithium ion batteries is reduced. Crucially damage can occur if they are charged at low temperatures.
These issues can be solved by providing an external heating source.

Ferro Techniek’s technology is applied to Flow Through Heaters for the automotive industry and these are integrated into the liquid cooling system and used to heat the batteries when required. Notably the weight to power ratio of our solution is significantly better than competing technologies

Cabin Heating

The Automotive Flow Through Heater can provide heating to the vehicle cabin as well as the battery pack. Alternatively Ferro Techniek can supply an Air Heater to selectively heat the cabin. Individual heaters can be strategically placed, for example in the footwells or used as screen heaters. The use of these heaters reduces the air ducting required in the vehicle. The thick film heaters are robust, light weight and controllable.

Custom Project Capabilities

Customers often come to us with an idea about a new project/ solution and a need for our expertise. We are more than happy to
share our facilities, experience and expertise at this initial stage. The earlier we are involved in a project, the more we can aid the
optimization of core issues such as the choice of materials, components and technology, temperature control, energy consumption
and sustainability cost efficiency and compliance with all applicable norms and regulations.

Separated thick film element layers

Ferro Techniek engineers listen to a customer’s particular requirements and will design and develop a custom element.  This might be to suit size requirements or power supply & limitations.  Some need precise control.  There are many different reasons.

Ferro Techniek Flow Through Heater MK2 inline fluid heater

Every thick film element needs reliable electrical connections.  Some need sensors and a thermal fuse.  Ferro Techniek alongside Otter Controls will design and build these into an assembly which makes it an easier package for installing in the appliance.

With many years of experience of applying thick film heating to different situations, Ferro Techniek has a strong team to assist customers.  Having worked closely with every customer to date, they a good understanding of their own technology in other products and meeting international standards.

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