About us

For more than 90 years, Ferro Techniek has been leading the way with our specialist skills in porcelain enamelling.

From the HQ in The Netherlands, we are world leaders in thick film heating elements printed on metal substrates.  These heating elements have extreme power densities and low mass, whilst being strong and reliable.

Ferro Techniek is part of the Otter Group with manufacturing facilities for the thick film heating elements and assemblies at Ferro Electronics in Budapest and in the combined Ferro & Otter factory in Southern China.

Our ISO 9001 Certification

Thick Film

Ferro Techniek thick film heaters have many distinct advantages.  High power density combined with a low thermal mass and the Ferro EFAST system results in an ultra-responsive and reliable heat source. Instant heat eliminates the need for a standby mode in an espresso maker.  Ferro  heaters are environmental friendly.

Flow Through Heating

To optimise heat transfer from the Ferro heating element, the water is pumped through a channel circulating it over the full element surface.  Depending upon the water speed and the wattage this will provide a flow of 93 degC water in seconds for espresso making or a lower specified temperature for a special tea.  Using the same FTH & lower water speed it will create steam for heating & frothing milk.

Due to the responsive nature the Ferro FTH will eliminate the need for standby time or storing hot water, improving the energy efficiency of your application.


Thick Film Heating technology is ideal for the rapid start, stop and control of steam.

Ferro Techniek can supply a custom heating element or a complete boiler or a Flow Through Heater which can deliver hot water or steam with no extra components required.


Ferro Techniek offers services to a wide range of markets and industries, such as:

Domestic Appliances

Ferro Techniek is successful at applying the benefits of thick film heating to a wide variety of domestic appliances. This may be to reduce energy consumption, or to give high power and speed with accurate control and no burning.
The products for the domestic appliance market range from heating elements to full sub-assemblies with temperature control devices.

Example professional catering steam oven

Professional Catering

Ferro Techniek offer a wide variety of products and technologies for professional catering applications.
The products for the professional market range from heating elements to full sub-assemblies with temperature control devices.


The low mass and strong dielectric of Ferro Techniek’s thick film heaters give a unique advantage for the automotive sector. In-particular for Electric Vehicles where it is important to be light and efficient, to heat the battery & the cabin, using high voltage DC.
We do not have standard products, each project is customer specific.


The benefits of Ferro Techniek thick film heating technology are not restricted to high volume applications.
In 2017 Ferro Techniek set up the Special Products Line to service all industries.

Latest News

The latest news from Ferro Techniek and the Otter Group

Release of the FTH 4

We are very pleased to introduce the FTH 4.  This is the most compact and cost effective version of the flow through heater range.  It will deliver 97 degC water, from cold, in sub 5 seconds.  It can be supplied as a bare heater or with everything included: water fittings, NTC, thermal protection.  As a compromise for cost the FTH 4 is good for max 20 bar operating pressure but not for making steam.