Ferro Techniek thick film heaters give adventurous customers the opportunity to create innovative new products, with game changing selling points.
Ferro Techniek is set-up to work every step of the way to help customers fulfil their ambition.

This starts from planting seeds of an idea to mass production in Europe or China.

Our Skills

Idea Generation

Ferro sales & engineering team take time to explain the technology to potential customers, which will stimulate the imagination to think how it may be applied in their sphere of expertise and whether it brings a strong USP.

Product Development

Within the Ferro team are chemists, electrical, mechanical & electronics engineers.  They can optimise the recipe of the materials for the application.  Provide designs, samples & test reports.  Advise on the installation and in general do everything to help the project progress to production.


Ferro Techniek’s parent company Otter Controls, can help a customer by taking a thick film heater & making it into a complete assembly with contacting, connecting, mouldings & controls. 


Ferro Techniek has production facilities at its head office in The Netherlands.  The dielectrics for all the heaters are applied at this location.  There is also a flexible production line which manufactures heating elements for development samples & special products.  This is a secure site which strictly maintains clients’ confidentiality.

To be cost effective for high volumes, Ferro Techniek carry out production at their facilities in Hungary and China.  These heating elements can then be built into subassemblies at Otter plants in China or India, depending upon the requirements of the project.  


Ferro Techniek recognise that reliability and good quality is an essential block in the foundation of a good reputation for both themselves & their customers.  Ferro’s systems are approved according to the requirements of ISO 9000 and are now being developed to meet IATF 16949, as required by the demand for thick film heaters for electric vehicles.

Thick Film Elements

Thick Film Heating Elements consist of a metal plate, coated with a glass-ceramic (enamel). The glass-ceramic is an electrical insulation and carries the printed (conductive) heater tracks.  This construction provides a robust, low mass, high power density, electric heater.

Flow Through Heaters

Flow Through Heaters consist of a channel connected to the surface of a thick film heater.  Liquid is pumped through the channel taking it quickly across the full element surface, optimising heat transfer.  This provides instantaneous, precise and efficient, liquid heating.


Steamers utilise the low mass & the high power density of the thick film heating element to quickly start & stop creating steam for applications like ovens, as cooking with steam needs accurate control. Ferro EFAST feature gives early warning of the limescale build up before it becomes a problem.