Collage of Industrial Ferro Techniek products


The benefits of Ferro Techniek thick film heating technology are not restricted to high volume applications. 
In 2017 Ferro Techniek set up the Special Products Line to service all industries.

For example: heaters for laboratory equipment; rapid thermal cycling test rigs; production automation; agriculture and medical equipment. 
Where the requirements may be accuracy, fast rate of rise & cooling, no overshoot, fit into a small space, low mass, even heating, stainless steel.
Ferro Techniek will listen to the requirements and develop a custom thick film heater.  We can make low numbers & of course hope it grows.

Custom Project Capabilities

Separated thick film element layers

Ferro Techniek engineers listen to a customer’s particular requirements and will design and develop a custom element.  This might be to suit size requirements or power supply & limitations.  Some want precise control.  There are many different reasons.

Ferro Techniek Flow Through Heater MK2 inline fluid heater

Every thick film element needs reliable electrical connections.  Some need sensors and a thermal fuse.  Ferro Techniek alongside Otter Controls will design and build these into an assembly which makes it an easier package for installing in the appliance.

Example domestic consumer table top coffee machine

With many years of experience of applying thick film heating to different situations, Ferro Techniek has a strong team to assist customers.  Having worked closely with every customer to date, they have a good understanding of their own technology in other people’s products and meeting international approval standards.

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