Thick Film Steamers

Thick Film Heating technology is ideal for the rapid start, stop and control of steam.
Our Thick Film Steamers leverage these advantages in an easy to integrate package.

Ferro Techniek can supply an “off the shelf” boiler or custom element assembly for this purpose.
In addition, our Flow through heaters can be set up to deliver dry steam alongside its instant hot water functionality with no extra components required.

Features and Benefits

Fast startup

High power density and low mass gives fast delivery of steam from start up.

Instant stop

Low element mass, resulting in minimal stored energy ensures instant stop of steam.

Multi track power

After using the full element power to give the fastest possible boil, one track can be switched off and the other continue to deliver a consistent flow of steam.

Fine Control

Due to the low element mass, power adjustments are effective immediately with minimal response lag.

Safer proximity

As the heater is low mass with low overshoot temperatures it is easier and safer to install, versus other technologies, in close proximity to other components, some of which maybe heat sensitive or flammable.

Limescale protection

Steam generation creates limescale, EFAST can detect this before it causes overheating & damage to the element or surrounding materials

Standard Thick Film Steamers

Vertical Steamer

The vertical steamer is a slim design, occupying the minimum space within the oven.
Dual heater tracks provide 3 power levels to rapidly produce steam and then maintain control.
Maximum power is 1500W which will deliver 40 grams of steam per minute.
A level sensor is incorporated to manage continuous water replenishment.

Ferro Techniek Horizontal circular steamer module

Horizontal Steamer

The horizontal steamer has been designed for assembly on top of the cavity of a domestic oven, but it is suitable for other applications.
Maximum power is 1500W, delivering 40 grams of steam per minute, and a level sensor is integrated to allow for continuous water replenishment.

Ferro Techniek Flow Through Heater MK2 inline fluid heater

Flow Through Heaters

Our flow through heaters can be set up within an appliance to generate dry steam, ideal for frothing milk. In a coffee machine, one flow through heater can supply instant hot water and steam, with all of thick film technologies advantages.

Construction / Technology

Thick Film Steamer Assembly

Ferro Techniek thick film based steamers consist of a thick film element integrated into a boiling chamber.

Additionally our steamers include level sensing, multi-track power, overheat protection and anti-limescale features.

Isolated thick film steamer assembly level sensing mechanism

Level Sensing

Our Thick Film Steamers incorporate water level sensing to allow the boiling chamber to be continuously refilled.

The level sensor can also be used in conjunction with the known element power, to determine the amount of steam produced.

Rapid Response

The low mass of a thick film heater provides a rapid start & stop to the flow of steam.
Two heater tracks provide 3 power levels at 500W increments, enabling precise control.


Example professional catering steam oven

Oven Steamer

Our Thick Film Steamers are perfect for domestic or professional ovens, because the steam output can be precisely controlled

As steam functionality in ovens is becoming more commonplace, our Thick Film Steamers offer a high performance and easy to integrate solution. The robust nature of our thick film products suits both the rigors of the professional market, and the likelihood of user error present in the domestic market.

Example industrial steam cleaner appliance

Steam Cleaning

Our Thick Film Steamers are suitable for integrating into cleaning applications.

Our steamers can produce steam indefinitely due to their level sensors. Thanks to EFAST detection technology they can cope with the inevitable limescale build up which occurs in these kind of applications.

Example medical autoclave

Medical Sterilisation

Thick film steamers offer significant advantages for medical sterilisation.

Due to their rapid start up, the autoclave can have less downtime between uses while maintaining efficiency.

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