NewsRelease of the Flow Through Heater XL

Release of the Flow Through Heater XL
January 2018 - Following the success of the Flow Through Heater mkII Ferro Techniek has launched the...

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Special Products

Rectangular heater

Many of our products we manufacture in high volume (>100K/yr). However, Ferro Techniek recognize the benefit of developing and producing new exiting products that often come in (much) lower quantities. These products bring us a higher added value and in many cases help us to innovate our technologies.

To support the demand for these lower volume products we erected our department 'Special Products'. Products are manufactured in our facilities in the Netherlands and benefit from direct support of our development department and laboratory. The result is a flexible introduction of new technologies, products and components into our factories.

Special products currently under development include following new technologies:

  • Alternative steel grades (including austenitic s/s)
  • Metal substrate thicknesses op to 10mm
  • Small size heaters (4x10mm)
  • Alternative dielectric application method
  • Sensors (printed, discrete)
  • Sealing solutions (gaskets)
  • Assembly by soldering and (laser-) welding
  • New connector systems
  • Very high power densities
  • Brazing