NewsRelease of the Flow Through Heater XL

Release of the Flow Through Heater XL
January 2018 - Following the success of the Flow Through Heater mkII Ferro Techniek has launched the...

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Contact Heating Elements (CHE)

Contact Heating Element

Contact Heating Elements (CHE) consist of a thick film heating element that evenly spreads the heat over the surface to be heated. So, the heating element itself is spreading the heat, and thus there is no need for diffuser plates. The heat is transferred to the object to be heated via a graphite sheet. The elements are simply “bolted” to the object; a simple, reliable and effective solution.

A summary of properties and benefits:

  • Power/heat evenly distributed over a large surface area.
  • Multiple elements on a surface to heat large areas.
  • Less mass required to evenly distribute the heat – Better speed & control.
  • Rapid heat-up, quick cool - Shorter waiting time.
  • High maximum power of 8 W/cm2. Max size per element 220x155mm.
  • Less accumulated heat – Energy saving.
  • Application specific surface temperatures, powers, sizes.
  • The heated surface can be split into zones that can be controlled at different temperatures.
  • Slim-line design and lower external heat losses – Greater design freedom


ConstructionLarge surface application