NewsRelease of the Flow Through Heater XL

Release of the Flow Through Heater XL
January 2018 - Following the success of the Flow Through Heater mkII Ferro Techniek has launched the...

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TFH introduction


Ferro Techniek design and manufacture thick film heaters. Heaters consist of a metal core, coated (enameled) with a glass-ceramic lining. The glass-ceramic provides electrical insulation and carries the screen printed (conductive) heater tracks.

Our thick film heating elements are custom designed to suit your application. Shape, size and electrical properties can be set and optimized for each heating job. In addition we can provide electrical connectors, thermal sensors, temperature limiters and controls. Also we are experienced in assisting in solutions for installation of thick film heaters in appliances.


Thick film heaters may have extremely high power densities combined with a low thermal mass. This results in ultra-fast heating of water, food  and other media. Energy transport is very direct and efficient. In numerous applications stand-by modes can be omitted or drastically improved. This makes that thick film heaters are your environmental friendly solution. A life cycle analysis (LCA) executed by TNO confirms this.

Realized applications

  • Tea kettles
  • Domestic food processors
  • Milk frothers
  • Humidifiers
  • Professional braising pans
  • Coffee machines
  • Food steamers