NewsRelease of the Flow Through Heater XL

Release of the Flow Through Heater XL
January 2018 - Following the success of the Flow Through Heater mkII Ferro Techniek has launched the...

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Ferro Techniek - The story

Spraying 1935

Ferro Techniek is a medium sized Dutch company that was established in 1933 as a remote laboratory of an enamel-fritte manufacturer. Ferro Techniek supported the enamelling industry in the eastern part of the Netherlands. A lot of foundries were in that area due to the availability of iron along the Oude Ijssel's river banks.  Most foundries had an enamelling facility to coat their products, mostly for aesthetic reasons. 

Over history, ownership of Ferro Techniek changed from time to time and since 1998 Ferro Techniek is a private held company. Up until then Ferro Techniek was a subsidiary of ATAG holding, a company that manufactured cooking and heating appliances.

Nowadays Ferro Techniek uses her experience in enamelling not only for kitchen appliances but also for the development and production of heating elements, heat exchanger parts and many other products.

It's Ferro Techniek's strategy to focus on markets where the special properties of porcelain enamel are key for success. Next to that, there is a tendency to shift from component supplier to supplier of complete subassemblies, where, in case of thick-film heaters, the design and manufacturing of controls are part of the responsibility taken by Ferro Techniek. Developing these sub-assemblies is one of the skills of Ferro Techniek.

Ferro Techniek distributes its products world-wide. Together with our sister company Ferro Electronics it's our goal to deliver high product performance and quality second to none in order to meet both the changing needs of our industry and the specific needs of every customer.

That includes joining efforts with strategic business partners and can go as far as supporting them in the establishing of factories for heat-exchangers, enamelling in the Far East and similar activities.